Vegans for BDS is a global collective founded in 2018, inspired and guided by Palestinian animal rights activists.

Vegans for BDS aims to endorse the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement within the vegan community, and to increase awareness of Israeli Veganwashing, particularly state-led initiatives that attempt to co-opt veganism for propaganda purposes.

What we are doing

Vegans for BDS is a group of animal rights activists actively participating in the global BDS movement. Our efforts include targeted boycott campaigns, education on Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine, supporting animal rights activists in Palestine and combating “Veganwashing” propaganda which aims to distract from Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people, animals and the environment.

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We have specific campaigns like our current letter campaign; they can follow us on social media. It would be great to get donations eventually, but we’re not there yet. Our social media is: